A melting pot of travellers from all over the world, Jeddah is a place all true travels must see.


With a laid back atmosphere and seen it all attitude that’s comes with being a stop for many nomads, this town is considered the most cosmopolitan in Saudi Arabia. Bikini clad girls are not uncommon on these beaches. Along with the mix of cultures, a unique accent has been developed over the years, furthering the sense of mystery and intrigue contagious in Jeddah.

Due to its appeal, the area has a strong shopping district, littered with the old souqs you would expect to find along with a range of restaurants offering all foods from local cuisine to more traditionally western tastes.

Jeddah’s past is not forgotten however. The crumbling Al-Balad district still stands, commonly housing the over-staying Haj pilgrims. However, there is now a local race, more permanent residents, able to rebuild and restore this heart of Old Jeddah. Insuring the past is neither lost nor forgotten. Built in beautiful coral architecture, Al-Balad is a gem worth preserving.

Whether you are a nomad exploring the hidden stories of the past or a millionaire, straight of the private jet hire aircraft, looking for a bit of culture, Jeddah has to offer all you could be looking for.