From the vast remains of cities once great to the playground of the rich, there is no more rewarding and interesting place to visit.


Birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Middle East holds importance for many devout believers. But even for those who aren’t sure what they believe, it is impossible to experience focal points such as Jerusalem or Damascus without finding new understanding.

An often overlooked element to the region is its people. With a strong, culturally ingrained sense of hospitality and courtesy, it is said that it is the people that make the exploration worthwhile.

From the Arab Emirates comes a wave of development. Whether it’s a ground-breaking architectural feat or a snow resort in the middle of the desert, there is always something new going on, to experience and see. The only way to arrive in region that shimmers with wealth is in style, and that is why many on the worlds private jet charter aircraft find them self’s taxied up and down the same, sun scorched runways of the Middle East’s playground of the rich.

Popular Destinations:

Dubai – UAE