Classic love. The only words needed to encompass an endlessly romantic city.


Cobbled streets lined with cosy cafes’ and chic restaurants, boutiques alongside flagship stores, Paris embraces its artistic heritage and celebrated its independent people. Home to heart-warming views and the focal point of so many romantic daydreams, the parks and greens of the city invite all to come and gain inspiration for their next romantic novel or simply to revel in the beauty all around. As a romantic getaway destination, Paris has to be among, if not top of the list and what better way to arrive than in pure luxury on a private jet charter aircraft, avoiding all the stresses of airports and taxis.

Iconic for monuments such as the wrought-iron masterpiece that is the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe inviting all to Paris’ most prestigious avenue and the gargoyled Notre Dame cathedral, summing up all that adored in gothic architecture, Paris draws enthusiasts from across the globe.

The creative brilliance of the French didn’t end with its architecture or world renowned foods, artists such as Picasso, Monet, Dalí and Van Gogh are only a few of the many talents to spend time in this revolutionary capital and who’s’ work went on to coveted by collectors far and wide. The art scene in paris is among the best in the world, much of its fine treasure on show in words largest art museum – the Louvre.

Paris has much to offer; culture, history and inspiration, the life and soul of all that is Parisian.