Clean, sophisticated and up and coming. What more could you ask for when looking for that cultural exchange getaway?


Home to quaint cafes and romantic restaurants, copper spired chapels and new age architecture. Copenhagen is a fantastic mix of past and present coming together with style and grace. An ever growing metropolis, its cobbled streets are still among the less trampled by the tourism crazed masses. So now is your chance to get in quick and experience all the city has to offer in its natural state.

However, don’t take this to mean there is a lack of life. For those in the know (and Copenhageners themselves), the cafes hum with inviting, cosy atmospheres. The boutique shops can rival those of Paris or London. The historic canals adding a sense of dreamy romance. As the world at large wakes up to this Scandinavian jewel, the cultural experience can only get better.

Distance from Capital: Capital

Language: Danish

Currency: Euro

Population: 562,379 (2013)

With private jet charter, land with ease in Copenhagen’s executive Roskilde Airport, only 29k from central Copenhagen. As a non-international airport, no commercial jets operate here and so flights are stress free. But if its fast access you require, Kastrup Airport is well prepared to handle any needs.


Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (international)(6.8k)

Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde (executive)(29k)

Sturup Airport (Malmo, Sweden) (international)(53k)