Whether it be private jet charter or commercial aircraft, ensure your seat is by a window because arriving in Sydney is not something to be missed. A kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and experiences Sydney is a nonstop city lined with relaxed beaches, intersected by wildlife abundant national parks. Nowhere else in the world is there a city of such contrasts coming together so effortlessly.


Iconic is the Sydney Opera House. Less than 50 years old, this skyline panicle building, ‘evocative of a ship at full sail’ symbolises both Sydney and Australia as a whole, just as the Eiffel Tower is France and The Statue of Liberty is New York (arguably a world of its own).

Sydney calls for all to come explore its golden beaches and metropolitan city. Sun kissed locals are never short of excitement, long days are spent soaking us the sun and nights are met with renewed virility. The nightlife of Sydney is busy and constantly changing. Each week there are new clubs and romantic restaurants to be found, new stories to be discovered and places to be seen. This is the New York of the South, vibrant and ever evolving.