Made up of most often of Australia and New Zealand, occasionally including New Guinea, the term Australasia encompasses some of the world’s most gorgeous destinations. Sandy beaches, coral reefs and epic cliff faces, Australasia has it all.


Australia comprises predominantly of its modern coastal cities, shining bright in the pacific sun and an expanse of desert landscape hosting – most of – the world’s most dangerous creatures. But don’t let that put you off. Due to its natural beauty and seemingly chilled out nature, Australia is a must see for any traveller, resulting in an subculture of multi-cultural adventures, all looking to experience all that has attracted and held the attentions of so many before.

Further to this, as corporate private jet charter has made the world more accessible, Australia’s great cities have become business and media hubs with the potential to rival London and New York.

New Zealand is often referred to as ‘adventure capital’ due to its spectacular bungee jumps and canon swings elevated above huge ravines. Though many of these points can be reached by car, why not get a view of the Islands with small private jet hire. A pilot can fly you around or, after a few quick lessons, you could be flying yourself through the clouds.

Combined, a trip to either or both of these gorgeous countries could be life changing. Many who go choose not to come back.