New York City

‘When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie.’

– Ryan Adams

With its world renowned  skyline and  reputation as home to the boundary pushing ideas from across the business and creative worlds alike, New York City encompasses the ideals of new age metropolitan living.


Iconic is The Statue of Liberty, standing tall above harbour symbolizing the best ideologies New York has to offer, to be in New York is to be truly free. 100 years ago, this monument welcomed travellers to the ‘new world’ and today she stands as a reminder of what the city was built for, freedom. Each person is entitled to be who they are without harsh judgement and liberal attitudes are celebrated instead of berated.

New York is not for the fait hearted. An oddly magical clash of big city glitz combine with cobbled street cafes to entice the most daring of explorers, pulling all who dare into a new worlds of fast paced, ever changing excitement.


New York’s unseen skyline is that of business fast lane.  Private jet charter aircraft and helicopters skim the skies transporting the most famous and busy of New Yorkers. For the New York minuet, speed is essential.