Not a place you can only visit once, Africa continually surprises travellers with its unexpected warmth and vibrant life. From hidden tribal communities to the bustle of Johannesburg, a multitude of cultures and customs are explored and developed every day.


Africa has an impact in visitors like no other place on earth. Across hundreds of kilometres, wild animals know this continent as home. Elephants cross the vacant plains, big cats stalk gazelle through the long grass and waterholes are frequented by a rainbow sea of avian wildlife. Safari parks have been built to protects the endangered and allow onlookers a glimpse of the exotic. Thousands travel every year to these far out regions in the hopes of discovering something new about the world we live in, through the sight of beautiful and unusual animals or by simply looking out over the vastness and raw energy south Africa has to off.

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In contrast, parts of this expanse have seen civil unrest to rival that of any nation. Not always an easiest of places to see, what is seen on the news is not the full sum of Africa’s potential. Rich cultural history, often misunderstood, goes entirely unseen. This is a part of the world struggling to catch up, to prove that they have more to offer than cattle and a busy news night. We are watching these nations grow and develop before our eyes, and for those brave enough, the only way to truly understand and experience this is to see it for yourself.

Africa conveys diversity in all its forms and is not somewhere to be overlooked. Arriving by a private jet hire to Africa allows you to access a host of regional airports to put you close to where you want to start your adventure.

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