Private Jet Charter – 2014 Market Review

2014 31 Dec

By Sylvie Peron, writing in the editorial of the European edition of Altitudes magazine, has a good feeling about the coming year.  She states that, following over six years of recession which have been hard on the aviation business in general, and not just the private jet charter sector, there does appear to be a definite change in the air.

The serious decline that we saw in the charter business drove a lot of operators to adapt to much lower levels of activity, and many struggled with this or even shut down their operations altogether. Recently, however, there have been definite signs that business is picking up.

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What is a Private Jet Hire FBO?

2014 20 Feb
Anyone who flies regularly on a private jet hire or charter will have heard the term FBO bandied around, but what exactly what does it mean?  Well it’s a “Fixed Base Operator” and the official definition is that it’s a business that has been granted the right by an airport to provide services to aircraft operators.  The services include everything that we term as “ground handling”. This includes everything from running the check in desks, the lounge areas, the crew areas where they can rest and do their paperwork, re-fuelling, catering, cleaning and waste disposal for the jets, tie-down and parking, arranging jet hire, aircraft maintenance and even flight instruction.  In fact, everything the passengers and aircraft operators could possibly need will be catered for by a private jet hire FBO operation.

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Future Private Jet Hire Trends

2014 27 Jan

I came across a really good article on the Forbes website, written by Russ Alan who is executive director of Private Wealth Magazine, which looks at the private jet hire trends for future travel.  The article reviews what it is that travellers on private jets, be they owners or private hire clients are looking for in this niche world of the luxury lifestyle.  It was written last summer, but is still relevant and gives food for thought for manufacturers and fleet operators, so here’s a summary of the main themes of the piece.Read More…

Business Jet Hire – Business or Pleasure

2014 16 Jan

The private jet industry sells itself on luxury and the lifestyle associated with it, but there are in fact more practical reasons that make the investment in private jets really worthwhile.  In the world of senior executives in big business where time really can mean big money, there are a number of factors that come in to play.Read More…

2014 – Should You Buy A Business Jet or Stick With Private Jet Hire?

2014 8 Jan

So the big question arises – is it a good time to buy a private jet, and if so should you go for a shiny new aircraft, or see what the previously owned market has to offer?

And it really is a good question as we move in to 2014.  The recession has hit the industry hard, with the trade-in value of private jets falling by as much as 50%, which makes it very much a buyer’s market.  Over the last 5 years many of the world’s wealthy, and those corporations and businesses that own and use private jets, have decided that this is a luxury they can do without, and as they put their aircraft on the market rather than replace it they’re opting for private jet hire as the preferred way to lead the jet set lifestyle and get around.Read More…

Private Jet Hire Expectations High for the Falcon 5X

2013 18 Dec

The Long Anticipated Dassault Falcon 5X

There has been a lot of hype about Dassaults new Falcon 5X, which is due to come in to service late in 2015, and this has only increased since they announced that the first simulated test flights have taken place.  Meeting with the Dassault sales staff at the Dubai airshow last month stoked my interest further, as more details and marketing material has become available.Read More…

Private Jet Hire Information

2013 16 Dec
Good information is the lifeblood of the business charter and hire world.  We need to know what jets are where, who is operating them, what’s available in the market, and will become available in the future.  That way we can make sure we provide the best possible service and keep our clients as happy as can be.

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Nice Gulfstream Promo Videos for Private Jet Hire Aircraft

2013 13 Dec

While I was at the air show in Dubai. looking around all the business and private jet hire exhibitors, I was fortunate enough to look over the Gulfstream jets that were there, and also pick up their latest promotional material.  This included some very nice baggage tags that double up as flash drives, on which are the usual promotional videos and pictures.

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Collect Fuel Points – While Flying Your Private Jet Charter!

2013 11 Dec

It was inevitable, I suppose, in today’s world of looking to get that extra something for your money, and finding an edge over the competition in whatever way you can. We’re all used to loyalty cards to use when we’re filling up our cars at the local garage, so it had to happen eventually – a loyalty card to get your points whenever you top up you private jet.

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