Global Express

The Global Express was the pioneer of ultra-long-range private jets. The cabin offers maximum comfort and amenities for the duration of long, transoceanic flights. The cabin can be configured to hold between thirteen and nineteen passengers in a space that is 6.3 feet high, 8.2 feet wide, and 48.4 feet long.


Gulfstream G450

The G450 is a superb large-cabin, long-range business jet, as befits an aircraft with such a good pedigree. Based on the GIV series aircraft, which is still the best selling business jet in the world, the G450 is fast (cruising at Mach 0.8), well appointed, and can eat up the miles across continents and oceans.


Gulfstream V

The Gulfstream V was the first contender in the ultra-long-range private jet category. It is capable of flying anywhere – nonstop flights from Denver to Beijing or from New Zealand to San Francisco. It boasts extreme high performance and reliability. The Gulfstream V is ideal for people who need to quickly travel internationally or cross-country.


Gulfstream IV

As the fourth installation in the Gulfstream family line, the GIV offers many new improvements. One of the most significant improvements is the changing of engines from the Rolls-Royce Spey to the Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8, used in later jets including the G300 and 400. The GIV is an ideal midsize, intercontinental-range business jet.


Gulfstream GIII

The Gulfstream G-III is the third generation of a very successful family line of heavy jets. The cabin of the G-III can hold fourteen to nineteen passengers. In short, the G-III is a reliable, long-range private jet that still offers a very large cabin at (1,345 cubic foot) and the high performance standards needed to compete in today’s private jet market.


Gulfstream G650

The Falcon 2000 is a private jet with a large cabin, transcontinental range, and fast cruise speeds. The cabin of the Dassault Falcon 2000 has a volume of 1,024 cubic feet and can carry between 8 and 12 passengers. The Falcon 2000’s high speed cruise is 479 knots at 39,000 feet and its long range cruise is 417 knots at 43,000 feet.